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Münster's on-site computer services

Welcome to my page !

Here I would like to describe the modalities, content and range of services I am offering.

Looking back to over 10 years of computer service engagement, I could say, that my customers appreciate the fact, that I come at site and inspect particular problems right there. May the task be networks, broken hardware, printing issues or all other IT-related tasks. Because of this reason, I have no local store, I am operating from my private flat. This is practical because of the above mentioned, and also convenient as from finantial aspect. In turn I am able to offer my services to a more affordable price.

In the menu above spectrum of my services is rowed as a keyword list. For better understanding I just pharse it here once again as in a better understandable textflow:

In addition to repair services I offer also help with all kind of IT-tasks, involving Linux, Windows, software and hardware in general. Remote assistance is also possible. In addition that I also help out with web projects.

For many times I am on the road to customers, I would ask you to make out an appointment over mobile phone first.

Often, already on the phone it can be determined, that the appropiate messure for your particular computer problem can be, that you best deliver it directly for repair. In these cases get the directions from the contact sections. Parking is for free.